Alhambra Water Tower - Coral Gables, Florida

This area of north Coral Gables was George Merrick's first platted subdivision.  Alhambra Circle contains a landscaped median shown at the right.  This view is looking northeast, adjacent to the lighthouse.  Alhambra Circle curves to the east at this point, connecting with Granada Boulevard. Coral Way is located to the south.

The water tower was built in 1924, and it was used as part of the city's water supply system.  It was restored in 1993 from 1924 photos of the structure.   


View of the Alhambra Water Tower looking southwest.



Alhambra Water Tower Details of base and door.  A pattern can be seen in the stucco band base. Also, the circle-head arched door has a fixed panel above the double door.

This close up of one of the circle head windows on the north side of the tower shows the window frame header and jamb along with the orange smooth stucco base and half-round stucco band. The stucco finish above the band is a "rough" texture.  This rough texture continues all the way up to the top of the tower, as seen below.