The apple store entry is designed of structural Plexiglas.  The entry cube sticks out of the ground and is the only portion of the building visible at the street level.  The 20,000 square foot store is underground and it is the first Apple store to be open 24/7.  An elevator and circular stair are the main features of this Plexiglas structure. A Plexiglas stair winds around the elevator shaft to the store below. It is a very exciting entry and signature!

The Plexiglas colums and beams can be seen in this close up photo.

The circular elevator is seen in the center of the photo. An Apple store patron on the entry landing waits for the elevator cab.  People are descending into the underground Apple store on the Plexiglas stairway, wrapping around the elevator shaft.  A portion of The Plaza Hotel can be seen in the background (right). 

Photo looking straight up from inside the elevator. The bottom of the Apple logo is seen in the center.

Plexiglas stairs leading to the underground NYC Apple Store.  An intermediate landing is seen in the upper left of this photo. Also, the connectors to the stair "treads" are visbile.  The photo shows a closeup of the titanium hardware (elevator shaft to treads, the handrail and connectors to the glass panels).


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