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Brittex Newsletter Story - 2000 - Florida Savings Bank

Brittex Press Release 12/2002

Vivian Robinson and Manuel Lopez obtain State Certifications

Brittex Michael Gay gains RE appraiser certification

By Lee Stephens March 2003  (Pinecrest Tribune)


Michael Gay of Brittex Appraisal Services, Inc. has obtained his state certification as a residential real estate appraiser. Gay, a resident of Hollywood, specializes in Broward real estate.


A graduate of Brigham Young University, Gay was finishing his education with a major in history and minor in Japanese when he came home for a visit. His brother, who worked for the office of the Broward County Appraiser, introduced him to the business and he never left.


Ive never used Japanese in Broward real estate, said Gay, who speaks Japanese and has lived in Japan. But it comes in handy in sushi restaurants.

Gay, who holds a real estate sales license, believes the Broward residential real estate market is on the upswing and that demand for property there has grown since people realized in recent years that it as a good investment option to traditional IRAs and other retirement accounts.


Real estate provides three important advantages, said Gay. There is equity buildup as prices continue to rise. The second is amortization the investment grows as you pay off the mortgage over time. Third, interest deductions for home ownership provide a big tax deduction. Gay added that refinancing at historically low rates is a tremendous advantage to all property owners.


Born and raised in South Florida, Gays father was an editor for the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel and his grandfather served as one of the early sheriffs of then Dade County.

Brittex Appraisal Services, Inc., is a full-service Pinecrest appraisal firm company. One area of specialization is the delivery of appraisals via the Internet. With more than 20 years of experience, Brittex offers a comprehensive real estate analysis of all types of property, from single family residences to commercial developments, and is often called upon to provide expert testimony for both appraisal and construction-related matters.

For more information, please call 305-663-7334.


Brittex Press Release 02/2004 - Dana O'Hara Smith Obtains Certification

Brittex Press Release 11/2004 - Pam Moore Obtains Certification



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