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Real Estate Tax Appeal Deadline Approaching - 2008 Appeal
September 11th, 2008 12:18 AM


My last post of August 24th dealt with appealing real estate taxes.

The deadline is approaching.

The appeal and check to the VAB must be received by Miami-Dade by September 17th.  For Broward County, the deadline is September 19th.

In Miami-Dade, the form and check must be received by that date (and the postmark does not count).  One can mail the appeal or you can go downtown to file the paperwork.

In Broward, one can file on-line. The following are links to the petition forms:

Miami-Dade Link:

Broward Link:

Once the application is submitted, the hearing will be scheduled in 2009. The county is still hearing 2007 cases, thus, there is an overlapping of dates.

The "just valuation" cut off date is January 1 of the current year which means that for the tax year 2008 comparable sales can not be submitted that occurred later than  January 1, 2008.  Thus, it is a retrospective date and analysis and not a "current" value.

The market data in connection with the appeal can be submitted prior to the hearing and it is not necessary to submit the sales at the time of filing the application.

Transfer of Homestead Assessment - For portability issues and transferring of equity, please see the following guideline and explanation of the tax reform act which is also known as portability or the "transfer of the homestead exemption difference." 


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