My career has included building construction, real estate brokerage and appraising.

"Catalog cuts" on new buildBritt J. Rosening products are brochures on the materials and architects learn about them  this way and can specify them in their architectural plans and specifications. With larger projects, the specifications are in a booklet that are delivered with the plans. Over the years, the word "catalog cut" has disappeared and Internet web pages have taken their place.

Building construction terminology not used in everyday English is required in the building and architectural trades.  

Inspecting commercial and residential properties, we see all types of new and exciting building products, material and finishes.

The following format follows the standard American Institute of Architects (AIA) format for divisions of work.

There are major AIA divisions in the standard specification books. This list follows the logical progression of construction, and it is an industry standard.  Construction estimators use these AIA divisions as a bible.  


  • 1 General Conditions
  • 2 Site
  • 3 Concrete
  • 4 Masonry
  • 5 Metals
  • 6 Wood & Plastics
  • 7 Thermal & Moisture
  • 8 Doors & Windows
  • 9 Finishes
  • 10 Specialties
  • 11 Equipment
  • 12 Furnishings
  • 13 Special Construction
  • 14 Conveying Systems
  • 15 Mechanical
  • 16 Electrical

This site is still under construction (no pun intended!)

Division 7 - Thermal and Moisture

Icynene Insulation (used under plywood sheathing -roof)

Division  9 - Finishes

09310 Tile Glass tile - Bisazza

Division 12 - Special Construction

12356 Cabinets Pogen Pohl

Division 15 - Mechanical

15416 Water Closets Toto

Division 16 - Electrical

16511 Lighting Creston

Photo Voltaic Systems